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  • Ripp was asked by his promoter friend JT to create some kicks for an upcoming raffle. The designer decided to go all out with a SpongeBob SquarePants theme that is difficult to match in quality and craftsmanship. If you want to learn more about Ripp, drop him a line at ripgetem22@yahoo.com to learn more about his customizing skills.

    Each shoe is designed to replicate SpongeBob from head to shoes starting with the toe box. We see SpongeBob’s goofy face smiling at us from the toes, eyes wide in anticipation of a funny joke or prank. As you look back toward the middle panel, you see how Ripp goes from SpongeBob’s yellow torso to his signature brown pants with ease.

    The heel is painted brown for his pants and the tag is black like his leather shoes. Ripp added strips of reddish orange on the eyelets to simulate SpongeBob’s tie. I have written about SpongeBob customs in the past but Ripp has taken this lovable character to a new level.

  • High Off Life Kicks created a duo of Vans Slip Ons based on characters from SpongeBob Squarepants. Today’s edition features the SpongeBob Vans Slip Ons with colors and designs lifted artfully from the title character. I found these photos at the Customsnkr.com post linked here.

    High Off Life Kicks maintained the blue and red stripes from the manufacturer’s colorway. The toe box is covered in green spots on a yellow background, an homage to SpongeBob’s square body. The heel has brown paint similar to the color of SpongeBob’s pants. The whole shoe emits a glittery sheen that makes these custom Vans stand apart from the competition.

    I will cover High Off Life’s other Vans customs tomorrow but I think the SpongeBobs represent the better half of this pair. While the existing and new colors may not blend completely, the design elements keep your attention long enough to ignore the reds and blues. High Off Life Kicks did a great job turning bland Vans Slip Ons into something the kid in all of us can appreciate.

  • Nike Dunk Low SpongeBob
    You can groove all the way down to Bikini Bottom in these joints. The Nike Dunk Low SpongeBob features the bright yellow color of the SpongeBob SquarePants character from Nickelodeon. These are bound to make Squidward filled with envy. See more pictures after the jump. ¥10,800.

  • Nike Dunk Low GS SpongeBob - #1

    SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most watched cartoons on television. Kids and young adults have turned SpongeBob into a national icon. These Nike Dunk Lows come in SpongeBob colors and should be hit with fans of the show, though there aren’t any SpongeBog logos or graphics involved.

    The four main colors of this shoe are yellow (maize), brown, white and red.The glossy yellow patent leather dominates these shoes with brown patent being used on the rear panel and heel. The white midsole, Swoosh and other detailing offsets the yellow, and the red laces are the finishing touch. Yellow is a hot color for summer, so if your kids are SpongeBob fans, these are a good choice. You can order these now in grade school sizes from Citysole for just $39.99. They also have them at LTD Online. Via High Snobiety.

    Nike Dunk Low GS SpongeBob - #2

  • SpongeBob SquarePants was at the center of a debate between Ripp and D@ Prince Customs in a recent MAS post. D@ Prince promised a new pair of customs that would “kill the game” in the post linked here. He created the Krusty Krab Pizza Baby AF1s for a customer in Alabama who is a fan of the funny, spongy cartoon character. These photos were found at D@ Prince’s Nike Talk post linked here.

    Instead of relying on the image of SpongeBob for the shoe’s design, D@ Prince used his favorite episode of the show entitled “Pizza Delivery.” This episode features a hilarious song called “The Krusty Krab Pizza” as Squidward and SpongeBob deliver the first Krusty Krab Pizza. D@ Prince took a single scene from the episode and applied it to these Baby AF1s.

    D@ Prince’s innovative approach to the SpongeBob theme was possible due to his deft touch and eye for detail. While I leave it to MAS readers to judge if D@ Prince killed the competition with the Krusty Krab Pizza Baby AF1s, I was impressed by the designer’s work in this case. The rich colors and expressive character faces on these Baby AF1s look like they lept right off the TV screen.

  • I covered the SpongeBob Vans Slip Ons by High Off Life Kicks in yesterday’s post. If you are looking for a little more color, you may want to take a look at the Patrick Vans Slip Ons pictured below. I found these photos at the High Off Life Kicks Customsnkr.com blog linked here.

    The pink/green motif of the Patrick Vans Slip Ons comes from SpongeBob’s sidekick Patrick. The starfish is a dull pink color and wears green pants every episode. High Off Life seems to have kicked up the colors a notch by going with brighter pink and green hues. The purple clovers on the middle panel are the same pattern used on Patrick’s pants.

    I like these custom Vans because they represent Patrick’s personality perfectly. The bright colors used by High Off Life represent Patrick’s enthusiastic personality. Even if Patrick isn’t the smartest character under the sea, we can all enjoy the character’s childlike wonder and excitement. High Off Life Kicks captured those traits while making the Patrick Vans Slip Ons.