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  • Puma “Moon Festival” Clydes.
    By on September 16th, 2007 | No Comments Comments

    Puma caters to the whims of the Moon worshipers with its latest Puma Moon Clydes. This collection is also dubbed the Moon Festival Clydes sneakers.The ideal time of the year to wear these is the Chinese lunar (moon) calendar month of the eighth moon of the year. This typically falls around August. The moon motif is beautifully embroidered on the tongue wag of each shoe. It peeks out seductively and teasingly. As your eyes follow the shoes, you are rewarded with the full figure of a beautiful lady embroidered on the back heel.This lady has her lateral image on the other half of the pair of heels. The traditional costumed lady presents an air of elegance into the sneaker. This Puma Moon Clydes in deep maroon-brown is a beautiful color for dress sneakers. This color will match and co-ordinate with practically any color of outfit.

    I think this can be worn with dresses because its rich texture lends the air of class to any day dress. The gentleman may also choose to pair this line of sneakers with casual attire. This shoe looks right at home for any occasion.The shoe laces are tri-colored. The dark shoes have View More Photos/Info

  • Do The Right Thing Spizikes
    By on September 14th, 2007 | No Comments Comments

    Do The Right Thing Spizikes
    Here are some picture of the upcoming “Do The Right Thing” spizikes releasing September 15th for 175$ for mens and 110$ for boys.


  • Charles Barkley Nike Air Force 1
    By on September 14th, 2007 | No Comments Comments

    Charles Barkley Nike Air Force 1
    The Charles Barkley Air Force 1 collection is set to release next month until December. No info on an exact date or pricing yet.


  • Nike Air D.T. Max Retro
    By on September 14th, 2007 | No Comments Comments

    Nike Air D.T. Max Retro
    The Nike Air D.T. Max Retros come in a royal blue/white color way. This colorway is done in white patent leather with royal blue flames. These should hit stores soon for $125.



  • “The Races” from Upper Playground
    By on September 14th, 2007 | No Comments Comments

    Upper Playground - The Races

    If you want a unique set of shoes, consider these sneakers by the Upper Playground company.The above shoes entitled “The Races,” are part of the company’s Winter 2007 releases.The shoes will sell for about $100 once they are released.

    These kicks look like a colorful Picasso paining with the subject being race horses.Upper Playground pulls off the colorful look pretty well but the mixes of colors go a little overboard in some areas of the shoe.The white shoe laces look nice, however, and provide a good balance to what is otherwise a wild look.

    See more photos of ‘“The Races” from Upper Playground’ View More Photos/Info

  • Reebok Reverse Jam in 4 colors.
    By on September 14th, 2007 | No Comments Comments

    Reebok Reverse Jams Green

    Reebok Reverse Jams have newly released colorful shoes.These sneakers are wonderful accessories to complement your wardrobe.This new line of Reverse Jams sneakers come in assorted colors of pink, yellow, purple and green.Each color is distinctive in tone and unique. The high cut designs are designated on the green and yellow models.The low cut designs come in purple and pink.

    Whatever the main body color of the sneaker, the user is privileged to enjoy the colorful use of the main supporting strips that run down the length of the shoe. These add the interesting pattern that breaks the monotony of the basic background color.

    I think the colors and cutting designs are appropriate for the gender and basic instinctive preferences. Ladies will love the pink and purple sneakers and the low cutting enhances the display of just the right amount of ankle. Men will enjoy the functional support of the boot-like high cut sneaker, while frolicking in the basking glow of the special semi-luminescent green or yellow. If I had to color co-ordinate my outfits and View More Photos/Info