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  • Nike Air Trainer Huarache
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    Nike Air Trainer Huarache

    As a part of the Transformers pack, comes a new colorway for the Trainer Huarache. This one features a black, army, flamingo pink, and bright cactus green colorway. They have hit stores already for a price of $90 so check your local Nike retailer. Via theshoegame.com View More Photos/Info

  • Nike Air Force 1 Stash One Night Only
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    Nike Air Force 1 Stash One Night Only

    Last December there was a one night only event where they gave the people a chance to vote on their favorite Air Force 1’s in the last 25 years. These Stash One Night Only’s made first place. The 231 lucky guests are now going to receive a free pair of these custom Air Force 1’s. More pics after the jump. Via nicekicks.com.

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  • November release – Nike Zoom Team.
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    Nike Zoom Team

    The Nike Zoom Team is a brand new sneaker that is released in November. It uses the theme of blue. The side panels appear to be in blue suede. The Nike swoosh logo is the same material as the blue suede to blend in perfectly. The shoe upper is in big checks. The odd lines of beige in the blue checks are a surprise in the all blue check pattern. I like this theme of blue in the sneaker.

    The front two shoe laces are braced in a dark color (it appears to be dark blue) that continues to run down to the side panel. The fashion statement has the same dark blue color that skirts the toe area in a semi-circle. This reinforcement will protect the vulnerable toe front. This might extend the life of the shoe.

    One special feature is the tongue of the sneaker. It is made of perforated netting that is in a shade of light blue. This certainly draws attention to the tongue.

    Another unique feature is that the last two shoe lace holes appear to be braced in black reinforcements. From the picture, it appears that they are not used and the “holes” are a statement of fashion, not View More Photos/Info

  • Adidas ZX600
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    The Adidas ZX600 is the latest take on this running shoe that started out as a simple option for long distance runners. The ZX600 pictured above features a gray/black/red colorway that is reminiscent of Fila basketball shoes from the 1990s. The suede surrounding the signature Adidas stripes provides a subdued frame for an industry standard. The black stripes are formed out of leather to add a bit of distinction for the Adidas ZX600 from other models by the venerable shoe maker.

    I wouldn’t select the Adidas ZX600 if I were running a 5k but I would eliminate a number of shoes by Adidas and other makers based on that criterion. This is a running shoe that works well as an everyday option and provides the comfort that Adidas owners are accustomed to. I think the ZX600 are worth a look for sneaker lovers that want something to go with their jogging suits or jeans. View More Photos/Info

  • Nike Women’s Sixton Mid
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    Nike Women's Sixton Mid

    The Nike Women’s Sixton Mid is out in a new colorway – Black/White-Deep Red.These shoes feature old school style with some interesting modern touches.

    The black shoe is highlighted with white stitched pinstripes and other white cross-stitching. It has an all black toe cap and rubber sole. The red laces are what makes this shoe really stand out. I am a big fan of red laces and trim on black shoes.

    These shoes are 89.90 Euros (about $130 USD) at the Overkill Shop. I like the style of the Sixton better than the Zoom Blazer, which is also making a comeback in various styles and colorways. View More Photos/Info

  • Adidas x Jam Master Jay
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    Adidas x Jam Master Jay

    This week was the 5th anniversary of the death of Jam Master Jay – one of hiphop’s icons, who was also a big Adidas follower.

    On November 29th, J.A.M. Awards will be producing a special benefit concert to highlight rap’s social responsibility. As part of these special events, Adidas has created four pairs of sneakers paying respect and homage to Jam Master Jay.

    In the pack are three Brougham JMJ’s and an Ultrastar JMJ. These shoes will be released at the end of the month exclusively at Footaction. Thanks to Complex for the pictures and info.

    The sneakers, which feature basic colors of white, black and red, are highlighted by the photo on the J.A.M. tongue. I prefer the all black colorway because it’s so simple, but the others are nice too. They are expected to be priced between $70-80.

    Adidas x Jam Master Jay

    Adidas x Jam Master Jay

    Adidas x Jam Master Jay