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  • Custom Nike Dunk Lows for the Zoo
    By on December 27th, 2007 | No Comments Comments


    A customizer dubbed BJamez20 posted these hot Nike Dunk Lows recently to show off the fruits of his labor. These customs have been refined over the past few weeks from a clean pair of Nike Dunk Lows that didn’t have a lot of attitude. The originals were white with a Carolina blue interior and swoosh inspired by North Carolina basketball.

    These custom Dunk Lows put a 180 degree spin on the originals beginning with the swoosh. It was a good move on the part of BJamez20 to flip the color to white as a way to create a stand out symbol from the new design. The edges of the swoosh are a bit rough but the customizer recognized this in his post.

    I like the gray and black colors used to create the appearance of an elephant skin. The design looked a bit like brain matter on first glance but I took a look at additional picture to realize the artist’s intention. It is important to point out that these shoes weren’t out of the box and the paint View More Photos/Info

  • Nike AF1 by Nitro Microphone Underground
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    Nike AF1 by Nitro Microphone Underground 1

    These sneakers are designed in collaboration with Japan’s Nitro Microphone Underground. This set has two names; the Macka-Chin and the Suiken. There are limited quantities for sale, available at nike1love.

    Maka-Chin is a famous hip hop artist. He first discovered his talent for rapping when he experimented with a microphone in his former work place. He formed the group called the Nitro Microphone Underground. He also made solo albums.

    This sneaker, the Macka-Chin, is supposed to reflect his traditional outlook on street and abstract sounds. The sneaker is made to look like a continuous piece of work. It looks great. The idea for the texture on the shoe is quite original.

    Suiken is another hip hop artist. He represents the face of organic and synthetic hip hop. He also achieved a lot of fame and status in his music career. The other Nike shoe collaboration pays honor to him.  His Nike shoe looks like a regular one. I like the green accents in the shoe laces and upper mid-sole. The colors belong to two View More Photos/Info

  • Nike Air Jordan Force XII Fusion “Playoffs Edition”
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    Nike Air Jordan Force XII Fusion "Playoffs Edition"

    These kicks are a fusion of the Air Jordan XII and Air Force 1, aptly named the Nike Air Jordan Force XII. They are mostly similar the Jordan XII, but they added a couple elements from the AF1, including the Swoosh and ankle strap.

    In this Playoffs Edition, black suede covers most of the shoe, providing a nice contrast to the stark white leather in the front. These are set to drop in March 2008, but you can actually grab a pair right now from Marquee Sole for $184.99.

    My favorite thing about these shoes is the split color – black and white – of the midsole. It gives the shoes a very unique look.

    Nike Air Jordan Force XII Fusion "Playoffs Edition"

    Nike Air Jordan Force XII Fusion "Playoffs Edition"View More Photos/Info

  • Converse Customs in Pink
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    Customs designer Oneye was featured in my last post with his red/black Nike Air Force Ones. His design palette ranges from colorful to gritty though the colorway of those Air Force Ones was fairly typical of this designer. The Converse customs featured above is a step outside of the designer’s comfort zone in term of color and medium.

    Oneye used a pair of canvas Converses to create a custom sneakers that would look great in the girl’s section of any shoe store in the world. The designer left the Converse symbol white while placing a light pink color as the background for his design. A vine pattern covers both shoes with colorful flowers and leaves spreading from heel to toe in order to catch the eye.

    I think Oneye deserves credit for courage as well as quality with these shoes. He states in his blog that these customs were his first venture into the world of canvas which can be a difficult material to work with. I think he succesfully stepped outside of the box with an View More Photos/Info

  • Adidas Centennial Mid Boot
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    Adidas Centennial Mid Boot

    Adidas‘ very popular mid sneakers have become a suede boot. These boots are must-haves this winter. If you didn’t grab these before Christmas, get them now from the adidas Original store for just $68.

    The wheat colorway is a simple classic that combines the suede and leather textures into a very good looking boot. You probably have a lot of Timberland boots already, but these boots from adidas would make a nice addition to your wardrobe.

    Adidas Centennial Mid Boot View More Photos/Info

  • Nike Womens Court Force Low Basic Cherry Blossom
    By on December 26th, 2007 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments

    Nike Womens Court Force Low Basic Cherry Blossom

    A few days ago we blogged about the Nike Court Force High St. Valentine’s Day, now we are introducing a couple more Nike shoes for women in a pink/red colorway.

    The Nike Womens Court Force Low Basic Cherry Blossom pictured above is a white shoe that features a combination of traditional leather and patent leather to create a very slick shoe. I love the cherry pink color that they used in the Swoosh and in other trim.

    Theses shoes are available for pre-order from Kix-Files for $80. They will ship from Hong Kong on January 29th.

    Another adorable pink shoe releasing from Nike in January is the Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet combination of white, red, pink and varsity red to create this special shoe. You can pre-order these at Kix-Files too for View More Photos/Info