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K-Swiss Si-18 Rannell

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    The K-Swiss Si-18 Rannell is about to hit the shoe market in time for winter training. The Si-18 refers to the insole support system that sets this offering by K-Swiss apart from the competition. I have tried on other pairs of K-Swiss tennis shoes in the past and have found them to be easy on the ankles but lacking in cushioning. It sounds like K-Swiss has remedied this problem with the Si-18 Rannell.

    Below are a pair of pictures in colorways offered by K-Swiss for the Si-18 Rannell. I love the blue/yellow colorway shown above and would suggest it as the best choice for serious athletes. At about $80 a pair, the Si-18 Rannell comes at a premium price in the market for cross training shoes. While I do not have the best history with K-Swiss shoes, I will go out on a limb and say that the K-Swiss Si-18 Rannel is on my radar when I hit the stores for a new pair of trainers.