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GonZo Nike Dunks

  • The seminal work from journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, is a favorite muse for artists around the world. Flawless Victory showed off these hot new customs on the Nike Talk post linked here. The designer’s contribution to the collective celebration of Thompson’s work is interesting and well-crafted.

    The GonZo Dunks highlight Thompson’s carefree use of drugs and resulting hallucinations in his work. The toe box features “gonzo” imagery including liquor bottles and needles that helped Thompson’s characters reach alternate realities. The middle panel is taken from the book cover with Thompson’s sun glasses interposed with black bats fluttering in the desert sky.

    Flawless Victory turned a pair of black/orange Dunks to a masterpiece that accurately depicts Thompson’s journalistic style. The haunting imagery on the toe box and middle panel show that the gonzo journalist’s drug use was at times enlightening and frightening. Flawless Victory put an exclamation point on these shoes by adding Gonzo to the Nike tag on the tongue.

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