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Custom Nikes by Hypethetic

  • hypethetic.jpg

    Hypethetic has released several custom Nikes based on the shoe company’s “Be True” online series. The RIZRBacks shown in this post are a take on the future of custom sneakers with metallic colors and small touches appropriate for a time traveler.

    The designer covered these sneakers with light gray and silver paint to play on the stereotypical image of a cold, metallic future. The extended heel is designed to protect the wearer’s ankles and add an interesting touch to the RIZRBack. I love the small bit of gold with the Hypethetic symbol attached to the shoe laces because it breaks up the uniform colors of these customs.

    I enjoy these shoes because they feature different textures and small color variations. Hypethetic is releasing additional custom sneakers based on the “Be True” series during summer 2008 that I will highlight prior to release.

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