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Beast of the East Blazers

  • D@ Prince Customs was asked by a friend to customize a pair of Nike Blazers to celebrate the reigning NBA champion Boston Celtics. The result was the Beast of the East Blazers, an ode to the Boston Three Party’s fantastic 2008 season and its fast start in 2009. I found these images at D@ Prince’s Nike Talk post linked here.

    D@ Prince painted Boston in big block letters along the right shoe to set the tone for these Blazers. On the left shoe, he drew a fantastic likeness of the Celtics logo next to the name Rey Rey. The most impressive aspect of the Beast of the East Blazers is the green/gold colorway used on the Nike swoosh and eyelets. The gold four-leaf clovers set against the green backdrops on the eyelets and swoosh show D@ Prince’s ability to create finely detailed images without breaking a sweat.

    The designer is a Sixers fan but he was able to set aside this Eastern Conference rivalry in the name of sneaker art. D@ Prince Customs set the price of the Beast of the East Blazers at $150 and finished these shoes in no time. If the Celtics can finish off the 2009 NBA Finals and repeat as champions, D@ Prince’s client will have no problem laying down that kind of money for these great sneakers.

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