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Barricade Transformers Nike Dunks

  • The Transformers character Barricade was brought from the big screen to a pair of Nike Dunks recently by Diversitile Custom Clothing. Barricade is a Decepticon who turns from a police car into a robot in the blink of an eye. I found these photos at Diversitile’s Customsnkr.com blog linked here.

    The Barricade Transformers Dunks are filled with enough images and markings to make you think that these shoes will turn into a Decepticon. Diversitile painted black and white panels to symbolize Barricade in police car form. On the middle panel, the designer added a nice version of Barricade’s police shield in blue, white and black. The heel has the words Emergency Response framing 911, adding to the police car effect. Barricade’s slogan “To Punish and Enslave” is written in white cursive letters on the collar.

    I thought the Barricade Dunks were great before I looked at the heels. In the middle area of the heel, Diversitile applied a miniature license plate as well as red brake lights to complete Barricade’s disguise. After looking at the design elements on the heel, I think that the Barricade Dunks were a stroke of genius. If you are in the market for a hot pair of Transformers Dunks, you can get a pair in size 9.5 by contacting Diversitile at getintouch@diversitile.com.

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