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  • Greedy Genius “King Of Sneakers” Cool Breeze
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    Source of images: here.
    This Greedy Genius King Of Sneakers is very colorful. This is the second edition. The shoe is sold at selected, authorized Greedy Genius dealers.

    This sneaker features a lime nappa leather upper. The toe box is lime green. It has a line of perforations. There is a panel with a parallelogram and a cross stitched in the center. The mid-section of the shoe has many details. There are 2 panels of blue colored accents. These have several lines of machine thread stitched over them. There are 2 small holes framed in orange colored rings. Near the heel, there is an embroidered design in orange, brown and white thread.The panel of leather at the heel has light green colored leather. This segment is printed with the words, “I Am The King Of Sneakers.”

    The ankle of the shoe has a thick band of purple colored composite material. The inner lining of the shoe is purple in color. The tongue is light blue in color, with a lime green label tag at the tip. The shoe laces are colorful, having orange and purple. The midsole is orange and the same shade as the shoe lace. I like the cool, lime green color of the shoe.

  • Custom Air Force Ones for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fans
    By on June 29th, 2008 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments

    My favorite horror movie of all time is Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The original movie is a fantastic blend of suspense, horror and outright gore that has spawned thousands of horror movies in the last three decades. Sweatshop Clothing is honoring the 2003 remake of this movie with a pair of custom Nike Air Force Ones.

    I am not a big fan of the remade Texas Chainsaw Massacre but this shoe is a pretty great representation of both movies. There is a silhouette of Leatherface’s chainsaw blade cutting from the heel to the end of the Nike swoosh. The background represents the stitched and wrinkled face of the movie’s antagonist Leatherface. The toe boxes are a mixture of black and red that show the fate awaiting anyone chased down by Leatherface and his family members.

    The reason why I love these Air Force Ones so much is that they are well-designed and executed. Sweatshop’s fine touches with the stitching and the chainsaw blade would not look out of place on a movie poster. These shoes and other projects by Sweatshop Clothing can be viewed at the company’s MySpace page linked here.

  • Reebok Reverse Jam “Monopoly” Pack
    By on June 29th, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #1

    We told you about these Monopoly shoes a few months back. The Reebok Reverse Jam “Monopoly” Pack is inspired by the legendary board game and features three different version of the Reverse Jam – each inspired by a different aspect of the game.

    If you like these kind of bold shoes that are more conversational pieces than anything, then you will definitely like this pack. Though I’m not a big fan of these shoes, I think the dice laces on the version above and pretty sweet. These shoes are very detailed, so cool to just check out all the details. If anything, these kicks are a good collectible.

    Look for these at Reebok retailers in upcoming months – tentative release date is the end of August. Via High Snobiety and Streething.

    Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #2

    Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #3

    Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #4

  • Vans Syndicate x Steve Olson
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    Vans Syndicate x Steve Olson - #1

    In honor of skater Steve Olson, Vans is releasing two models – the V79 “S” and the V79 Hi “S”. Olson was a revolutionary, introducing the masses to hardcore punk rock culture in the 70’s and helping to mold the skating world into what it is today.

    Both of these shoes features the same material and silhouette, the only difference being Hi and Lo. The sneakers offer an all black suede snakeskin upper, which is contrasted by a white rubber midsole and toe.

    Even if you aren’t a big skating fan, these black shoes are definitely worth a look. Expect these to be released later this summer. Via Vans.

    Vans Syndicate x Steve Olson - #2

    Vans Syndicate x Steve Olson - #3

  • Nelly Air Jordan XXIII
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    Air Jordan XXIII All American Classic

    Souce of image: here

    Seen being worn by Nelly at the BET awards is this pair of Air Jordan 23. Clearly the hottest colorway among the Jordan 23s, the shoes feature a red midsole and a stitching pattern similar to the Titanium 23s.

    Nelly is a co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats along with Jordan himself. This may be why the former is able to get such an amazing pair of Jordans. The shoes bear a striking resemblance to the Air Jordan 23 All American Classics.

    Rumors say that the pairs will release in November 2008. Let’s just hope that JB doesn’t change its mind because these shoes are fire.

  • Alife x Reebok NYC Footwear Collection 2008
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    Alife x Reebok NYC Footwear Collection 2008

    Alife and Reebok have joined together to create some new sneakers. There is the ERS 5000 II model for men, and the Pro Legacy Mid, Freestyle Hi and Ventilator for women. Available in three colorways, the mens ERS 5000 comes with uni color uppers and colorful mid soles. Meanwhile, the womens pack feature splattered midsoles and laces. [Stil-Laden]