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  • Nike Air Jordan Opening Day Pack
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    Nike Air Jordan Opening Day Pack - b/w shoes together
    The Air Jordan 1 Opening Day Pack has arrived at the Ubiq web store. This pack has 2 colorways.

    The white colorway has a toe box that has about 5 horizontal lines across it. There are 2 sticks of bare leaf veins (or herringbone patterns) at the right and left of the toe box. They hem in the horizontal lines. This theme of lines is repeated at the midsection of the shoe upper. The leaf motif is also present and it is now placed at a different angle in relation to the shoe. The Nike swoosh is an outline that is defined by dark thread stitching. The shoe laces are white and spotted with tiny specks of black. I like the idea of a dark colored tongue. It is a good background for the spotted shoe lace.

    The black colorway looks more outstanding than its white counterpart. There are 2 shades of black for this shoe. The toe box has an attractive border of dark black with thin white pin strip lines. This is one of the accents of the shoe. The toe box and tongue have a grey shade of black. The Nike swoosh is in a shiny shade of grey-black. The herringbone leaves are also present in the same spots as its white colorway counterpart. I like the black colorway as the features are more outstanding.

  • Reebok Pump Running Dual & Court Victory Dual Low – Purchaze
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    Reebok Pump Running Dual Low #1

    If you are a fan of the Reebok Pump, Purchaze has a couple sneakers that you should check out.The Reebok Pump Running Dual Low comes in a nice White/Royal/Green/Yellow/Grey colorway that is vibrant and fun.

    This shoe features mesh toe box, premium materials and mesh accents, classic shape and matching midsole. It is priced at $176.08 at Purchaze.

    Another cool Pump is the Reebok Pump Court Victory Dual Low White/Royal/Green. This shoe features more white than the other previous one, but uses nice touches of color – particularly the green.

    Both these shoes are available in limited quantities and only in very selected stores in Germany. You can get them online now at Purchaze in the Sneaker Section.

    Reebok introduced the “Pump” technology in 1989. It provides the ultimate in a custom fit and support system.

  • C2 Custom Nike Dunk Lows
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    I highlighted Chris Hui’s custom Air Max 90s designed specifically for Brewers first basemen Prince Fielder last week. The designer behind C2 Customs is helping more Brewers get ready for a great 2008 season with his distinctive vision for shoes. Hui’s latest project is a pair of Nike Dunk Lows for Brewers outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr.

    These Nike Dunk Lows feature a simple gray/black background with small red/white spots layered throughout the shoe. Hui didn’t overreach when creating the essential design for this up-and-coming player. Tony Gwynn Jr. may not be as prolific a hitter as his dad but these shoes would highlight his speed in a simple foot race.

    I am hoping that Chris Hui uses his Milwaukee-area connections to outfit the rest of the Brewers. The hot designs used for Prince Fielder and Tony Gwynn Jr. could spread to teammates J.J. Hardy, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart. Keep an eye out on the C2 Customs website to see if other Brew Crew players get custom shoes.

  • Snoopy x Loveless Exhibition Items
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    Snoopy x Loveless Exhibition Items
    The Japanese boutique Loveless has hosted a Snoopy Exhibition. There were T shirts, polos, button shirts and slip on shoes. For each design of the product, there were several colors to choose from.

    The cartoon character dog Snoopy was born in 1950. That makes him 58 years old this year. Snoopy was supposed to belong to the kid Charlie Brown. Snoopy followed all the cartoon characters and became the most popular cartoon character in the comic strip called Peanuts.

    The children in the comic strip are united by being on the same baseball team. They are athletic and thus are popular with sports attire companies. The other children in the comic are Franklin, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Patty and Sally Brown. Franklin is the only black child in this comic strip. Snoopy’s best friend is the yellow bird called Woodstock.

    I like the casual slip on shoes. The picture shows a pair of them in the pink colorway. The cartoon guys are printed in black ink all over the shoe upper.

    The orange colored T shirt in the photo is special. The material has dual colors. It is orange on the outside and black on the inside. The black has made the orange front look dark because its color has come through.

  • Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium “Thrashin”
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    Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium “Thrashin”
    This shoe is sold at Fightclub Footwear. It sells for around 21,840 Yen. That works out to be around USD 219.

    The Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium “Thrashin” is inspired by a movie made in 1986. It was a drama highlighting the sport of skateboarding. This sneaker is made from leather and patent leather. It has several multicolor fading affects. This imitates the movie’s logo and desires to bring back some of the flavor of “Thrashin.”

    The movie “Thrashin” was directed by David Winters. The cast included Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley, Tny Alva, Tony Hawk, and Steve Caballero. Other celebrities in the music scene were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Irons and Hillel Slovak. The story was about two rival gangs in skateboarding. To complicate matters, the hero fell in love with the younger sister of a rival gang leader. The two guys battled out their differences in a competition. The hero won over his girl and her brother. Everybody lived happily ever after.

    The shoe’s Nike swoosh is multi-color. The pink fades and merges with the blue. The prevalent accent is the patterned border that runs around the shoe. The pattern looks unusual. It is like a spider web against a black background. The colorway is white to remember the white of the concrete skateboarding rink.

  • Nike White Woven Air Max 1 – Air Zoom Talache 1 Low & Mid
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    Nike White Woven Air Max 1 - Air Zoom Talache 1 Low & Mid

    Nike first started its 10 AC collection with Mixed Martial Arts fighter Caol Uno. Nike used the simple but effective color of white. I think that was because the martial arts uniform or practice robe was always white in color. The different grades of martial arts fighters were given different colored belts to denote their ranks. So, the shoes were all white to go with the tradition of the white uniform.

    Nike used the Court Force Low with white leather woven details to try out the design. Then, the woven theme was applied to other shoes like the 2004 Air Force 1 Lux edition. When the woven design proved to be popular, it earned its own series called the Nike Air Woven series of sneakers.

    This new Pack has Air Max 1, Air Zoom Talache 1 Low and Air Zoom Talache 1 Mid. These brand new shoes have no confirmed release date.

    The photo shows 4 different sneakers with one side of each pair.When you look at the weave closely, you will see the differences. The first shoe on the left has a cross-section weave. The second shoe from the left shows a tight horizontal weave. The third shoe from the left shows a weave that looks like a pattern of brickworks. The last shoe, on the right, has a tight weave of brickworks. Generally, I like the pattern of weaves on shoes. It makes the shoe look special.