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  • WRG? Black History Skateboard
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    WRG? Black History Month Skateboard Deck
    What’s Really Good Magazine is releasing their WRG? Black History Month Skateboard for sale and for a raffle. It’ll run you $95, only 100 made. Check it out at WRG?.

  • Shmack Clothing 2008 Summer Line
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    Shmack Clothing has produced innovative shirts, jackets and other apparel for fashion-forward people throughout the world. The clothier is coming out with a line of four high-top sneakers for Summer 2008 that revolutionize the market established by Converse.

    These high-top sneakers marry disparate colors and the profiles of traditional basketball shoes. The Shmack shoe that I show above is the perfect example of this wild combination. The monochromatic mold of the Converse All-Star is tossed aside by Shmack which uses orange, green, brown and tan on one canvas. The best part of this sneaker is the subtle matching of stars and stitching to create a uniform aesthetic from top to bottom.

    You can see the white/turqoise/black colorway offered by Shmack below. The other three members of the Summer 2008 line are more conventional than the sneaker at the top of this post but Shmack Clothing seems to be hitting to all parts of the market. I look forward to seeing how this shoe line will expand Shmack Clothing’s business in the near future.  







  • COPE2 x Adidas x Footlocker
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    COPE2 x Adidas x Footlocker

    Adidas is teaming up with Footlocker again, this time they have created a graffiti-inspired series with artist Fernando Carlo AKA COPE2.

    COPE2 is an internationally known graffiti artist out of New York who has worked with top companies and magazines. Three colorways from the series are shown here – the colorful version pictured above, as well as two more simple editions in black and white. I’m partial to the black colorway, but all these shoes are going to get attention from the artists and graffiti loves.

    Get these shoes and the coordinating apparel at Footlocker on March 17, 2008. Via BKRW

    COPE2 x Adidas x Footlocker

    COPE2 x Adidas x Footlocker

    COPE2 x Adidas x Footlocker

  • Neighborhood x Red Wing
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    Neighborhood x Red Wing

    If you are looking for some hip boots, check out this collaboration between Neighborhood and Red Wing. Red Wing has been making work boots forever and Neighborhood has had some stylish releases as of late.Combined, these two companies have created a winner.

    These kicks are mostly black, however the white stitching on the boots really stand out. There is also white used on the logo on the tongue of the boot. More white is used along the bottom. Overall these boots are relatively simple but they are simple in a way that is unique.

    Look for these boots in Neighborhood’s 2008 spring/summer collection. They are available now at Cliff Edge.

    Via HypeBeast.

    Neighborhood x Red Wing

    Neighborhood x Red Wing

  • Vael Project boots.
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    Vael Project boots. 1

    Vael Project is a new brand of footwear.  This is their first collection and they have made a big impact. There are boots, boat shoes, hi-top sneakers and some more styles of shoes. These are high quality footwear. The costs are more as the quality is good. This collection targets the more mature market shoppers who are willing to fork out money for quality.

    The first boot has a creative method of lacing using slit holes. The second picture shows a hoot’s heel with corrugated metallic strips, metal buckles and a couple of fancy laces on one side to make it asymmetrical.

    The third picture shows a brown boot. I like the compact shape that makes it good for larger feet. The fourth picture has a boot with a white colorway. The shoe lace strip is black. A small panel of brown down the side of the boot makes the shoe look interesting. I like the way the accents are applied for this boot.

    The fifth and last picture shows a black boot. It is not a simple black boot. It has a mesh pattern on it. Its accents are in smooth, dark black leather. The toes box is special too. It is capped in a different kind of leather.

    Vael Project boots.2

    Vael Project boots. 3

    Vael Project boots.4

  • New Balance Super Team 33 Luggage Pack
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    New Balance Super Team 33 Luggage Pack

    The New Balance super team 33 luggage pack is now available at Alife Rivington Club. The first shoe is inspired by high-end luxury luggage with brown contrast stitching.The second shoe is inspired by a vintage traveling trunk featuring soft leathers, and the last one is more of a modern shoe with black nubuck, patent leathers, and ballistic mesh.